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Combining such brand concepts as health, taste, and fashion, Tea Space spares no effort to promote the tea culture and initiates the new fashion of the oriental tea culture, which injects a new trend into the original tea culture. We stick to the spirit conveyed in “we believed that a perfect day begins with a simple cup of tea” in order to help premium tea get more attention. We expect to guide concepts in the market and refine consumers’ taste of frothy tea drinks so that consumers fond of takeout tea drinks can not only cool themselves and quench their thirst, but also enjoy the flavor of tea drinks. We provide the most premium tea drinks in the purest and fastest way, and share every moment of the sweet aftertaste with the simplest faith. We firmly believe that the pure and sweet aftertaste is the feeling that can be sensed directly. Get away from the boring life and find the simple happiness in clear tea drinks and the sweet taste.

“Tea dispels my anxiety and sorrow, and eases solemnity with joy. This drink brings so much happiness to us and increases our wisdom and joyful cheering. Tea, the heavenly happiness, the true treasure in nature, the pleasant panacea, must be the guarantee of health.” The British Poet Laureate, Nahum Tate, has praised the tea culture with enthusiasm like this in one of his poems, which shows the deeply-rooted tea culture at that time. However, in the modern age of fierce competition, the tea culture has been gradually forgotten. Leave some space for tea, then you can have more space of freedom, which is not only the brand spirit of Tea space, but also an attitude in experiencing life. Maybe you devote 90% of your time to work in your life, but you’d better leave 10% of your time to pleasure. In this way, you can keep a proper degree of resilience and possibility at every moment. The beauty in life flies into your heart and life with the fragrance of tea. You can feel how lovely your life is at present.

As a pioneer of tea life, Tea Space will open the door that leads to the life of tea tasting by expounding on the tea culture, and will let the simple life begin with a cup of tea.


Renowned as the national drink of China, tea dates back to over 5,000 years ago. Even in 2016, tea still maintains its unique and elegant position with its refreshing smell and sweet aftertaste despite the wave of the coffee culture. Tea has many benefits to the body, because there are many organic molecules in tea, especially catechin, which is an antioxidant that helps clean blood vessels.

Tea Space provides premium tea drinks in the purest and fastest way. The ingredient that produces froth during the process of tea making is called “tea saponin”, a kind of saponin. According to the present scientific research, it may have anti-microbial functions and restrain the adsorption of fat. Tea Space bravely changes traditional hot tea drinks into cold tea drinks with juicers. In this way, tea saponin can be produced quickly and effectively. Tea Space leads the epoch-making revolution of the tea culture. When a customer asks about the origin the of name, Tea Space, the boss will make the following statement. Over the past a few decades, people have been keeping the stereotype about tea that seniors get together to chat about politics while drinking tea. The decoration in their memory is too bright and stiff, and there is a lack of young energy. Therefore, it’s not easy for traditional tea shops to attract young people, who look for something new and thus ignore the refreshing charm of tea drinks. Leave some space for tea, then you will have more space of freedom. This is the brand spirit of Tea Space. The light in tea shops of Tea Space has a warm color. The decoration has the light industry loft style. All of these help customers appreciate and enjoy the unique charm of tea drinks, and freely travel in the world of tea.

In the special milk tea of Tea Space, there is milk froth and many starch balls like pearls with a charming gloss soaked in milk. A mellow taste of milk is combined with an elegant taste of tea. Warm and soft starch balls make the tea even better. Warm starch balls in milk tea, which is created by Las Vegas, has an extraordinary charm. Since it started the business, Tea Space has set many records. After running for only three months, it was listed in “Top 5 Boba Tea in Las Vegas” by gourmets of the Las Vegas cuisine website. With this excellent achievement, Tea Space won a position in this industry of fierce competition. It has a surprising number of clicks and views on the cuisine search website, yelp. It became a new choice among milk tea shops in this city once it started operation. With the transmission on facebook, clicks amounted to over 10,000. This helped more people know Tea Space’s insistence on and professionalism in tea’s quality within a short time.

Members of the management team of Tea Space are all elites with many years’ experience of restaurant management in California. They have led a group of over 100 people to help many restaurants and drink stores with their sustainable operation and development. Now, they bring their experience of restaurant management from California and expect to let customers feel Tea Space’s insistence on and professionalism in tea’s quality by standardized management. With the simplest way of tasting tea, customers can get rid of troubles in life and get the simple happiness back in clear tea and the sweet taste.

As a pioneer of tea life, Tea Space shares every moment of the sweet flavor with its purest faith, and makes a new definition of tea for you, that is, “A simple day begins with a cup of tea”.

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